Indian Li-ion Battery Cell Manufacturer Looking for Investments

Posted on: January 19, 2019

By: Narasimhan Santhanam

One of EAI’s clients, a business with a rich experience in batteries, is in the process of starting a Li-ion battery manufacturing unit in India, primarily aimed at the electric vehicle battery sector.

The Indian, and global, electric vehicle sector is growing at a fast pace. Currently, there’s no business making Li-ion battery cells in India – companies only make battery packs which assemble imported battery cells.

Our client is keen on putting up a 100 MWh Li-ion battery cell making plant in South India to cater to the Indian and select overseas demand. Based on performance, the plant could be scaled to much higher capacities.

The overall investment in the project would be to the tune of $25 million (Rs 180 crores). Our client is keen on getting equity investments from outside to the tune of 75% – about Rs 130 crores.

Businesses and investors keen on investing in this fast growing opportunity of the future may kindly contact Narasimhan Santhanam (Director – EAI) by sending a brief email with your business profile and background to – .

Brief highlights of the project are provided below. More details about the project and promoters will be provided upon request and communication. Thank you!

Highlights of the proposed Li-ion battery cell making project

  • Type of cell: Li-ion pouch cell
  • Battery chemistry: NMC
  • Initial plant capacity: 100 MWh per year (0.5 – 1 million cells at 5 cells/kWh)
  • Total project cost estimate: $20-25 million