Projects Undertaken

1.    Activities carried out during 2019-2022

  • Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project has been implemented in Akaya Mahapurusia Satra (A religious place ESTD 1500), Barpeta & Powa Mecca, Hajo.
  • Detailed project report (DPR) for 100 Govt. School has been prepared.
  • Energy Conservation Theme-based wall calendar for the Year 2020 and 2021 have been prepared and distributed among different State Govt. Departments, Stakeholders, BEE and other SDA.
  • Energy Conservation theme-based audio clip has been broad casted during EC WEEK for the FY 2019-20.
  • FCT Visual advertisement on Energy Conservation theme-based video clip has been broad casted during EC WEEK for the FY 2020-21.
  • A Regional meeting with SERCs / JERCs, SDAs, DISCOMs for implementation of activity under “CAPACITY BUILDING of DISCOMs” program of BUREAU of ENERGY EFFICIENCY for North-Eastern Region.
  • Manpower Support extended to Power Grid for State Level Paintings Competition -2019.
  • Social Outreach by Facebook Page targeting citizens of Assam and Members of the Energy Club.
  • Monitoring of  PAT Compliance mechanism .
  • Support extended for preparation of State EE Index and Impact assessment study during Financial Year 2019-2020 and 2020-21.
  • ECBC 2020 has been notified for the state of Assam in the FY 2020-2021
  • Billboard advertisement at Eight (8) important location in Guwahati for creating mass awareness among the citizen on use of Electric vehicle under “Go Electric Campaign and use of Star Rated Appliances under “Standard & labelling”.
  • Webinar conducted on 19th February 2022 by EEB Cell Assam on the topic of Day lighting Simulation. Webinar was conducted my Mr JK Vyas with an average participant strength of around 60.

2.    Activities carried out during 2017-2019

  • “MOU Signing Ceremony under Capacity Building of DISCOM’s Programme of Bureau of Energy Efficiency on 10th October, 2018 at Guwahati”
  • “Theory cum Practice Oriented Training, Skill upgradation and Refresher Training of Boiler Operators on Energy Efficiency on 28th & 29th September 2018 at  Guwahati”
  • “One day Capacity Building Training  Programme, on Energy Intensive SME Cluster 29th March, 2018 Demand Side Management (DSM)  Programme in North East region”
  • Two days training program on Energy Conservation Building Code(ECBC) 2nd and 3rd November, 2018 Guwahati, Assam”
  • “ EE Theme’s Stickers & Frames, EE Tips Calendar  distribution at different Govt. offices in the state of Assam by Assam Designated Agency under Publicity Awarness Program of BEE ”
  • “Installation of Energy Efficient LED TubeLight & Energy Efficient Celing Fan with Five star Rating in 12 Govt. Schools, Guwahati, Assam”

3.      Activities carried out during 2012-2016

A) LED Village Campaigning: Distributed 4,700 nos. of LED bulb in different district of Assam to penetrate the use of LED for Energy Conservation in domestic sector in phase manner and achieved 0.55 MU Energy Savings per year. Also distributed 50 nos. of LED based Street Light to replace the old and energy inefficient Street Lighting System towards reducing energy consumption in phase manner and achieved 0.007 MU Energy Savings per year.

B) Demonstration Project: Conducted Energy Audit in ASDA office building & Implemented Energy Efficient equipments along with post implementation Audit report and estimated energy savings is 0.008 MU per year.

 Conducted Detailed Energy Audit in 4 Tea Estates (TE) and Implemented Energy Efficiency Measures in Two Tea Estates namely Basmatia TE and Chinnamara TE. Basmatia TE has achieved 26.10 % Electricity and Cinnamara achieved 20.40 % Electricity and 44.05 % Natural Gas.

 C) National Workshop for SDAs’: The National Workshop emphasised on “Strengthening of State Designated Agencies (SDAs) on efficient use of energy and its conservation”. Apart from that, the workshop also focused on Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC), Standard & Labeling Program, Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) schemes of BEE under which SDAs are required to play an important role during the 12th Five year plan.

D) Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) Scheme: Checked consistency and authenticity of Monitoring and Verification report, Mandatory Energy Audit Report, Form A, Form B, Form I, Form II, and Form Sh. Under PAT rules.

E) MuDSM Programme: To improve overall energy efficiency of the 8 number of ULBs (Urban Local bodies), a detailed study were carried out for identifying Energy Saving Opportunities which may lead to substantial savings in energy consumption through Implementation of all stated ECMs, thereby resulting in cost reduction / savings for the ULBs.

F) Energy Conservation Building Code: Prepared draft ECBC (State specific) and sent it to BEE for their necessary approval.

G) Technical Manpower Support: Technical manpower support to enable the SDA to coordinate, regulate and enforce various provisions of the EC Act 2001 who are experienced in the field of energy efficiency. Manpower for supporting various activities of SDAs, managing State Energy Conservation Fund (SECF), implementing Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) and other BEE scheme will be required. As per EC Act, 2001, the SDAs are supposed to perform the role of a coordinating agency, regulator and enforcement agency in the State to promote the efficient use of energy and its conservation.

H) Impact Assessment Studies: The study was conducted to assess the impact of different components of programs implemented by ASDA for FY 2012-13 and 2013-14. It will support the Government in efforts to meet commitments regarding Energy Efficiency & Climate change by assisting in increase of efficient use of energy in different sectors, as well as for implementation of regulatory provisions.

I) Student Capacity Building Programme: Student community is the future of Nation and a prime deciding factor of present day’s social mood as well as practices. It is well known fact that large part of our ideas, knowledge and our adult behavior are super-built over our education during childhood. Education obtained during childhood does mould our individual attitudes by exposing ourselves to new ideas and concepts that we readily didn’t know. It is also true that by virtue of propensity, children and youth accept and adapt to new ideas or change faster than the adults.

Considering the above, BEE has been taking various innovative initiatives through the ASDA for creating the Energy Conservation Awareness among the students. ASDA approached various schools within the State and briefed them about the importance & necessity of the Energy Conservations and also requested them to conduct various programme such as publishing Energy e-Book and arranging Energy Q-Quiz, Energy X-change, Essay Competition, Carbon Edu X-change, Power Kids League Workshop, Energy Champions & Mentors Meet, Energy Carnival, Painting Competition on Energy Conservation, Model  Competition on Energy Conservation, Street Play, etc. on Energy Conservation.

The List of Schools under Energy CLUB, Assam.

  1. Govt. Boys’ H.S. School, Nagaon
  2. Konwerpur H.S. School, Sivasagar
  3. Matia Refugee M.E. School, Goalpara
  4. Joktali H.S. School, Sivasagar
  5. Bhaskar Bidyapith Higher Secondary School, Guwahati,
  6. Rashtrabhasa Vidyalaya, Tezpur,
  7. Dawson Higher Secondary & Multi-Purpose School, Nagaon

J) Publicity and Awareness Programme: Conducted various Awareness Programme to create responsiveness among the people through hoarding, leaflet, booklets, Social Outreach Programme, Mobile van theatre, Promotional Video etc.

K) Workshop and Training Programme: Conducted Workshop and Training Programme to increase the understanding on energy conservation and method of E-filing, ECBC, IGEA, MuDSM and Stake holder consultation.

4.   Activities carried out during 2011-2012 :

A) Workshop/ Training Programme: One day workshop cum seminar organized on amendment of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) to suit local climatic condition of Assam at Guwahati on 11.05.2012. Review meeting with SDAs of NE and Eastern region with BEE on 2.11.2012 at Guwahati.

B) Publicity/ Awareness Programme: Audio jingle on energy conservation broadcasted through FM radio channels to spread the message of energy conservation.

C) Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture company of PSUs of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, entrusted the works of preparation of the sector specific Annual Energy Savings Plan for Assam.

D) Publication of Annual Book on Energy Conservation Measures in Assam-2012.

5.  Activities carried out during 2009-2010

A) Workshop/ Training Programs: A one day training program for the Designated Consumers in Assam was organized on 19th August 2009 at Guwahati. An interactive session on “Women in Energy Conservation” was organized with Indian Chamber of Commerce, NE Initiatives, Guwahati on 25th August 2009. A meeting with the building owners and ESCOs regarding implementation of the IGEA DPRs organized on 29th August 2009. A two days workshop on ‘Energy Efficiency, Codes and Ratings in Buildings’ was organized at Guwahati with SEEM, Thiruvananthapuram on 29th and 30th April 2010. Besides a workshop on MuDSM was organized by BEE and TUV SUD South Asia at Guwahati on 16th February 2010.

 B) Publicity/ Awareness programs: Several activities were taken up during the year for carrying out activities under publicity and awareness program. Jingles on Energy Efficiency messages were broadcasted through FM radio channels. As mobile theaters are very popular in Assam and have a good penetration in both urban and rural areas, some publicity activities were carried through mobile theater to spread the messages of Energy Efficiency and Conservation among general public.

 C) BEE’s Nationwide ‘LED Village Scheme’: LED Village scheme launched by BEE throughout the country was taken up in Assam. Assam SDA has adopted this scheme in 2009 (first time in India, who has adopted this scheme). Makumpathar No. 4 village at Tinsukia district of Assam was selected for the project. 100 LED street lights of 20 W were fitted in the village street and as per the scheme about 950 LED lamps of 6W will be distributed among the electricity consumers in the village.

D) Demo Projects:

  1. Demo project on LED street lighting at Dibrugarh town from Phulbagan to the Deputy Commissioners office, replacing 70 nos. existing street lights with 50W LED street lights.
  2. A Demo project on LED street lighting is undertaken at Guwahati from Bharalumukh to Panbazar, replacing about 100 nos. existing 250 HPSV lamps with 100W LED street lights.
  3. Another demo project on Energy Audit at Lakwa Thermal Power Station is also taken up and is expected to be completed by October 2010.

6.  Activities carried out during 2008-2009

An amount of Rs.28.00 lakhs was received by the Assam SDA from the BEE out of the total sanctioned amount of Rs.40.00 lakhs for the year 2008-09 for carrying out of certain priority activities from the list of activities under the 19 deliverables. The works were carried out:

A) Under IT Support design of database/ website linkage with other SDAs/ BEE carried out and database management software for maintaining database of EA & EMs, ESCOs, Buildings, and Designated Consumers procured. The activity on status of availability of notified equipments in the State was not carried out as the equipments have not been notified yet by the competent authority.

B) No activities carried out under Technical Assistance/ Consultancy/ survey during the year, as the same was carried out in 2007-08.

C) Under Workshop/ Training Programmes seven seminars/ workshop/ training programmes organised viz. an All India Seminar with Institution of Engineer (India), Assam State Centre, Workshop at Guwahati under EU programme, Workshop for Tea sectors at Jorhat, awareness workshops at Bongaigaon and Tezpur, training programme for designated consumers at Guwahati and a review meeting by BEE with SDAs.

D) Under Publicity/ Awareness large hoardings placed at Guwahati and other five places in the State, preparation of promotional materials like brochures, posters, banners, flex banners, leaflets, campaign through FM radio channel were taken up. National EC day celebrated on 14th December 2008 at Shilpgram with organizing an essay writing competition among 6th to 8th standard school children.

E) Activity on dissemination of demo project result was not undertaken as no demo project on Energy Efficiency taken up during the year.

F) Investment Grade Energy Audit (IGEA), a scheme introduced by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), New Delhi, were carried out in 15 Government buildings in the state of Assam during the year 2008-09 under fund assistance received from BEE in phase manner.

An amount of Rs. 5.25 lakh out of total sanctioned amount of Rs. 7.50 lakhs was received by SDA Assam from BEE for carrying out of Investment Grade Energy Audits (IGEA) in Government buildings. Accordingly, IGEA in 15 Government buildings were carried out. PCRA, Kolkata carried out IGEA of five buildings and M/S Blue Star, Kolkata carried out IGEA of ten buildings.

An amount of Rs. 1.00 lakh was received from BEE for organizing an essay writing competition among 6th to 8th standard school students in the State. The State level essay writing competition was held on 14th December 2008 at Shilpgram, Guwahati and prizes to the winning students distributed in the evening at a function held on the occasion of the National Energy Conservation Day.

7.  Activities carried out during  2007-2008

Financial assistance was provided by the BEE for strengthening and capacity building of the State Designated Agencies of India for achieving the purpose and objectives of the EC Act. In case of SDA of Assam, a total amount of Rs.26.40 lakhs was received in November 2007 for the year 2007-08 for carrying out certain activities on priority basis from the list of 19 deliverables set by the BEE. A current bank account in the name of ‘State Energy Works Fund’ was opened at Allahabad bank as per approval of the Government vide letter No.PEL.81/02/Pt/168, Dtd.24.12.2007 to deposit the fund received from BEE for carrying out of works. Accordingly, the following activities were carried out as per the said action plan covered by 19 deliverables set by the BEE:

A) IT equipments and software procured for establishment of Internet platform. A new website in the name of SDA Assam launched in March 2008.

B) Necessary Hardware & Software were procured and established Internet Platform having five (5) user points covering HQ office and one Zonal office of the Inspectorate. Besides, necessary Multimedia projection devices to cover seminar, workshop and training programs under action plan have been procured.

C) NPC, Guwahati was entrusted with the works of carrying out survey for preparation of list of certified energy managers and accredited energy auditors residing in the State, preparation of list of designated consumers in the State, collection of data concerning manufacturing as well as sales of household appliances and other equipment at the State level falling under the EC Act, annual survey and analysis of impact of EC Act, survey of buildings at State level which fall under the EC Act.

D) Under Workshops/ Training Programmes, four programmes were conducted viz. Workshop on EC awareness, Conference of EM & EA residing in the State, Regional Meeting with SDAs and BEE, conference of BEE on action plan.

E) Under Publicity/ Awareness programme, promotional materials like folders, banners, leaflets, flex banner displaying EC messages made for display and distribution among public/ energy users. News paper advertisements and promotional audio messages through FM radio channel published/ broadcasted.

F) Under Technical Assistance for preparation of consultants report on Demo projects (Govt. buildings, water pumping stations, sewage pumping stations, Municipality street lighting system etc, DSM demo projects such CFL, peak load management programme carried out through National Productivity Council, Guwahati.