How can you reduce your energy bills?

Posted on: April 5, 2021

We as electricity consumers, are always on the lookout for better and efficient energy plans, but there are more ways to reduce your monthly bills than just buying your electricity cheaper. The most efficient way to get a lower electricity would be to have cheaper electricity costs and optimised use of this electricity. This combination results in the overall lowest electric bill.

Easy ways to optimise your electricity bills

It’s never too late to begin doing these things to use electricity smartly and ultimately get lower electricity bills.

Choose the right electricity plan
Your electricity plan has a huge impact on your bill. You should always choose your electricity plan wisely. You should always compare the rates that your provider is offering with some alternate sources. This can help you realise if you have been paying the fair price.

You should always choose a fixed rate electricity plan or else you might end up paying the off-contract prices.

Always turn off appliances when not in use
This point is a no-brainer. We have all learned to always turn off appliances when not in use but hardly any of use actually instils this habit in their daily lives. Some appliances like your stereo, television, and computer can be big energy suckers when not in use. Many of use turn on the television and continue scrolling on our mobiles, this results in absolutely unnecessary consumption of energy by the television.
Small things like these can make a big difference in the bigger picture so always remember to turn off the appliances not in use.

Try to include more Energy Star appliances
Many think that the Energy star logo is just a sham, and it does no good. It can actually make a very impactful difference. If you use these appliances, your appliances will consume less electricity, up to 10 to 50 percent less. Since home appliances result to about 20 percent of our bills, using Energy Star appliances can show some significant results.

Here are some more ways to save your electricity bills:

  1. Install ceiling fans
  2. Start changing your AC filters often
  3. Make your home smarter
  4. LEDs are a good transition to save electricity
  5. Install smart meters, they can be very advantageous
  6. When you go for work, shut the blinds of the house to make it cooler to reduce AC consumption
  7. Adjust the temperature in your freezer and refrigerator
  8. Adjust the water heater temperature
  9. Increase the utilisation of smart power strips
  10. Buy energy efficient appliances
  11. Try to decrease the use of lightbulbs


With some minor changes in our daily life activities and our buying habits, we can save a lot to money on our electricity bills. Apart from saving money these steps will also help in better utilisation of energy.